The PT 8000 is a stainless steel bending beam with a hermetically sealed welded construction to IP68 standard. This uniquely designed sensor allows for superior bellows operation through its full measurement cycle, providing better lifelong protection and accuracy. Design benefits can be seen clearly with a less than 0.4mm deflection at full load and a safe loading rating of 150% of the rated capacity with an ultimate load rating of 300%. In addition to its compact footprint (common to all 8 capacities from 5kg to 500kg), this cell has a superbly designed mounting accessory selection to optimise the performance and life of the cell. The PT 8000 is an ideal selection for most industrial applications with special advantages in wash down and harsh environments. Individually packaged and supplied with serial number traceable accuracy certificate, the PT 8000 is covered by a three-year warranty.


Nominal Capacity 5kg ~ 500kg Safe Load 150% of Rated Capacity
Signal Output at Capacity 2mV/V ± 0.1% Ultimate Load 300% of Rated Capacity
Linearity Error < 0.020% FSO Input Impedance 415Ω ± 15Ω
Non-Repeatability < 0.010% FSO Output Impedance 350Ω ± 3Ω
Combined Error < 0.025% FSO Insulation Impedance < 5000 MΩ at 100V DC
Hysteresis < 0.020% FSO Excitation Voltage (Recommended) 5 ~ 12V AC/DC
Creep/Zero Return (30 mins) < 0.025% / 0.017% FSO Excitation Voltage (Maximum) 15V AC/DC
Zero Balance < 1.000% Capacity Deflection at Rated Capacity < 0.4mm
Temperature Effect on Span/10°C < 0.010% FSO Cable Type 4.5mm, Screened, PUR Sheath, 4 Core x 0.24mm2 (24 AWG)
Temperature Effect on Zero/10°C < 0.015% Capacity Cable Length 3m
Compensated Temperature Range -10 ~ 40°C Material Stainless steel
Operating Temperature Range -30 ~ 80°C
Service Load 100% of Rated Capacity
Excitation +ve RED
Signal +ve GREEN


Applications Features
Weighing & packing machines Welded stainless steel enclosure
Mechanical scale conversions Industry standard size and shape
Food, marine and other wash down environments Large capacity range 5kg to 500kg
Comprehensive mounting accessory packages

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