Model A9+P
Accuracy Class III, n=3000
Conversion Δ-Σ type of A/D
Input signal range -16 mV~ 18 mV
Conversion speed 10 times/second
A/D resolution code 1 million code
Calibration All operation made by keys
Excitation power DC, 5V, able to connect with 8pcs of 350Ω load cells or16pcs of 700Ωload cells
Load cell connection method 6 wire method, long wire auto compensation
Display 7 LED digit, 7 status indicating lights, 3 batteryindicating lights.
Display circulation 100ms
Division 1/2/5/10/20/50/100 optional
Clock Can display year/month/day, hour/minute/second,auto reap year and moth
Number keys 0~9
Function keys 15 (10 of them are share with number keys forcombine application)
Material for keys Light touch type of pellicle
Scoreboard connection interface Serial output
Transmission method Current loop/ RS232 signal
Transmission data type 11 bytes
Baud rate 600
Transmission distance ≤30m
Serial communication interface
Transmission method RS232C/RS422(optional)/ RS485(optional)
Baud rate Baud rate option 600/1200/2400/4800/9600
Transmission data format 10 bytes: 1 byte is start, 8 data bytes (ASC II code), 1byte is stop.
Transmission distance RS232:≤30mRS422/RS485:≤1200m
Standard parallel outputinterface To connect with TpuP 16 micro printer; wide lineprinter like M800、KX-P1121、KX-P1131、LQ300K+、LQ1600K; POS58, T58D thermal micro printer.
Built-in printer (for A9+P) Printing system: dot-matrix (96 dots each line), adoptsM-150 II printing head or TpuP-16B printing head.
Printing paper: standard blank paper, width:44.5±0.5mm, thickness: 0.07mm, paper roll externaldiameter less then 50mm
Life span for Printing head: 0.5×106 lines
Printing ribbon: blue ribbon are installed in theremovable ribbon box, its life span is 1×106 lines
Data saving 1000 units of truck No. and tare, 201 unit of cargo,1001 unit of weighing record
AC power AC 220V(-15%~+10%);50Hz(-2%~+2%)
DC power Adopts 6V/10AH battery (external)
Battery application About 24h (fully charge without using the built-inprinter)
Battery charging About 30h
AC fuse 500mA
Application temperature 0℃ — 40℃
Storage temperature -25℃ — 55℃
Relative humidity ≤85%RH

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